Cardi B Gives Advice on How to Gain Financial Independence

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There’s a reason Cardi B raps about red-bottomed shoes and has a song titled “Money.” It’s because, well, she’s making a lot of it lately.

Even though the “Be Careful” singer has amassed an estimated net worth of $8 million as of 2019, there’s more to her financial success than just the number of zeros in her checks. So when Cardi gives financial advice to other women about how to make that money, women listen.

Take last week, for example. Cardi hosted a talk at New York City Beautycon, titled “Making Money Moves” and offered up her best advice for financial success.

Check out her advice below on topics like relying on men for money, getting a raise, and more.

On Asking For A Raise

“I said, ‘I’m going to stop taking bookings until y’all pay me more,'”

After that, she said, “That bag doubled.”

On Her Experience Living Paycheck to Paycheck

“You cannot even get a room in New York City if you got a job that pays you $300 a week.”

Long before her song “Bodak Yellow” blew up the charts and went viral — and even long before Cardi found fame on the reality TV show Love & HipHop — the Bronx native got by as a stripper.

On the Differences Between Men And Women When It Comes to Money

In discussing pay inequality, Cardi says she grew up feeling like she couldn’t ask for things — which is something that actually affects many women.

“That’s why men are sometimes good hustlers. Women are so timid. A lot of girls ask me, ‘How do I get what I want?’ By asking.”

But it’s all about asking the right people: bosses, co-workers, potential job opportunities. Those are the people you want to be forthright with and ask for things.

On Gaining Financial Independence

When it comes to dating — and more specifically, relying on a man — Cardi encourages women to get their own paper.

“I always dated guys that had money. But I didn’t have the money. What happens if we separate? I don’t want to be asking you for stuff — no, that’s not my style.”

It’s a sentiment that seems more important to Cardi than ever. After all, she has a one-year-old daughter with rapper husband Offset.

On Using Instagram to Build Your Own Business

“I wish I knew how poppin’ Instagram was because I would be selling all those things, this and that. Watch the bloggers’ recipe because you can be doing the same sh*t. I watch how Kylie Jenner became a f*cking billionaire!”

On Schooling and Money

Lastly, Cardi talked about what kept her from getting a higher education: lack of transportation options, the expense of housing, the overall expense of tuition.

But even though Cardi herself didn’t get the chance to pursue her undergraduate degree, she believes it’s important for women to take business classes, no matter what major they choose.

“Always take a business class because what you go to college for might not be what you end up pursuing.”


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