Cardi B Says Police Brutality Won't Stop Until Trump is Out of Office

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Cardi B recently went to Instagram Live to express disgust regarding Trump’s lack of action towards police brutality and she did not mince words.

She said,

“Every single time I see a black man get killed or mistreated by the police, I just keep saying like, ‘What the f—k Nobody gives a f–k. Nobody cares? Nobody cares?’ And I stopped saying that because nobody do care! Nobody cares. He don’t care. He don’t care.”

During her video, she also reminisced about how Barack Obama would handle the same situations. She explained,

“At least when Obama was president, Obama used to always give a statement letting us know that he feels like it’s wrong. He feels it. He sees it. [Trump], I know he sees it and he don’t give not one shit. I feel like this police brutality is going to keep going until he’s no longer president. Until he’s no longer president, nothing is going to be done about police brutality.”

According to the website Killed by Police, 2018 had the most instances of police killings since 2013 with 1,166 people killed. And Trump certainly does nothing to correct this issue is a problem. Without Trump stepping in and condemning police brutality and killings, it gives corrupt officers the go-ahead to continue their actions.

Cardi said,

“You know when a kid is bad, right, and they keep getting away with something so they keep on doing it. Cops are going to keep doing it, ‘Oh, I could get away with killing a black man? I could get away with beating the shit out of them? We’re going to keep doing it. The last guy got away with it, so why not me?’”

But, as we all know, Trump leaving office is not going to put an end to police brutality. America had a police brutality problem long before Trump became president and it’s going to continue after he’s gone.

Even with Obama appearing on national television and speaking out against the issue, news about another black person being shot by police seemed to happen weekly. It’s going to take a lot more than Trump leaving office for it to stop.

While Cardi’s political activism is commendable, it’s important that she understands just how deep the roots of racism in this country are.

The issue is so entrenched in society that the Smithsonian even has a cardboard placard from the 1963 March on Washington that says, “We Demand an End to Police Brutality Now!”

Police brutality has been a topic in black households for generations. Many of us are often given “the talk” about how to act and what we should do if or when we are ever stopped by the police. It’s a nerve-wracking conversation that no one wants to have.

And it’s been proven time and time again that there is unfair bias and fear when it comes to police dealings with black adults and children.

The first step in combating police brutality is to convince those who don’t think that it is an issue to finally listen and to make them understand that movements like Black Lives Matter are not trying to disrespect the police. We just want them to stop killing us.

Systemic racism is ingrained in American history and changing the system is not going to happen overnight. But having an open dialogue is a great beginning.

Cardi, who has openly supported Bernie Sanders for president, closed her video by urging her fans to educate themselves on the candidates for 2020.

“So, as long as this man is the president and he most likely will have a chance in 2020, shit like that’s going to keep on happening. So please get educated about these candidates so we can get this n—a the f–k out because he don’t give a shit. And shit could get worse.”


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