Carole Radziwill Dishes on RHONY Season 9 and Which Housewife Voted for Trump

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Real Housewives of New York officially returns tonight and we are pumped! Not only does the trailer look amazing, but the filming took place during the 2016 election so that means even more drama than usual. Well, at least for Carole Radziwell.

Those of you who have watched RHONY for more than five seconds know that Radziwell isn’t your typical housewife. Not only is she a total badass, but she also had a thriving journalism career as a reporter for ABC News. So when this crazy election got under way, you know she was right there tweeting along.

Speaking about the campaign, she told Vulture,

“I come from many years of covering politics and being in a newsroom where you absorb it all. I worked on the ’92 campaign for ABC. So it never crossed my mind when I started tweeting and trying to get the facts out to counter total bullshit coming out of the Trump campaign. I was watching that rally in Florida when he called on the Russians to hack into the DNC and Hillary’s emails and see what they could find. That is a treasonous act, so I’m thinking, ‘Okay, this guy’s disqualified himself.’ And that’s not what happened. Not to mention calling on the Second Amendment people to take care of Hillary and threatening to lock up his political opponent. This is what happens in a banana republic, and this is what’s happening in front of my eyes. So you can imagine my mood when we started to film.”

The campaign really takes hold of Radziwell during season 9, which we’ll get to see on screen luckily.

“We start filming in October, so we were three weeks out from one of the biggest elections in my lifetime, if not ever. So it’s not scripted. It was really what we were talking about in these five months that we filmed of our lives. In the next couple episodes, you’ll see I go door-to-door canvassing in Pennsylvania with my mom. At that time I was working with a Get out the Vote project. I think the only people in the country who weren’t talking about the election were the six other women on the show.”

LOL! Well, that’s not entirely true. Apparently, one housewife had a very close relationship to one of the candidates — Trump!

“Sonja very openly says that she knows Trump personally; I didn’t want to delve into that conversation any deeper than that. One time she said she was an adviser to the Trump campaign.”

We would love to see Sonja advising Trump. Hey, she knows just as much about politics as any other of his advisors, right? And while Radziwell couldn’t say for sure, she did think that Sonja probably voted for him.

Of course, Vulture couldn’t help but ask Radziwell whether our reality TV-culture had any influence in the election — which many have previously stated as a reason for the rise of Trump.

Carole responded,

“I don’t dispute that. They say we’re the most entertained and least informed country in the world, which seems to be true. We have a man in the Oval Office who’s never held public office, who’s a reality-show star. He’s a businessman, but I like businessmen that don’t file for bankruptcy six times and get bailed out by daddy when the going gets rough. There will be a lot of studies and theories about how reality TV played a part in this election.”

She added that his tweets, particularly those accusing Obama of wire-tapping him, were “right out of the reality-star playbook.” Yup, sounds about right.

Ready for Real Housewives of New York season 9 tonight? Check out the trailer below to get excited.

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