Carrie Ann Inaba Shouldn’t Have to Apologize for Enforcing ‘DWTS’ Rules

Dancing with the Stars fans know that the judges can be all over the place when it comes to their critiques. But there is one thing Carrie Ann Inaba never relents on: lifts.

The show prohibits couples from performing lifts in their routines. Although there is a bit of a grey area as some genres allow lifts, in general, the stunts are not allowed on the competition show.

The show and Carrie Ann have made that known several times over the show’s two dozen seasons. It’s not news.

Carrie Ann has made it abundantly clear that she will call out and dock points for lifts. Regardless, people still get mad and boo when it happens. She made the rules clear, it’s not a ludicrous rule, can people just accept it?

In an essay she penned back in 2013, Inaba clarified why she upholds this rule so strongly. Carrie Ann wrote,

“It makes people angry, but I still agree with why we have the rule for the lifts, which was to keep the playing field level for the older and less physically strong contestants so that all the dances didn’t just become show dances with lifts and tricks. This rule forces the couples to stay on the ground and really dance.”

Photo: ABC/ Eric McCandless

But still, when calling them out, she frequently apologizes, calls herself the “life police”, or even once said something along the lines of “sorry I’m being a bitch about this”.

She should not have to justify her comments.

Who doesn’t love watching a good lift? I certainly do. I mean what would life be like without Dirty Dancing? But I get frustrated when people act surprised or annoyed when Inaba mentions the lift.

She shouldn’t be booed for enforcing the rules.

Now if dancers still want to do lifts, they should acknowledge that they are not allowed and the judges should not take them into consideration into the scoring.

But people need to get off Carrie Ann’s back. The rules are clear. Dancers can follow them or not, but Carrie Ann should not be criticized for doing her job.

Allie Bush
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