Catherine Giudici Lowe Reveals the Secret to Winning ‘The Bachelor’

source: Instagram

Catherine Giudice Lowe is known as the girl who truly won The Bachelor: she got the ring, the man, and the happy ever after. So how exactly did she do it? Now she’s revealing all.

Speaking with Refinery29, Lowe admitted that the key to her success on the show was, well, not caring! So while all the other girls were running themselves ragged trying to impress Sean, she was taking it easy. And that’s exactly how she won him over.

“I didn’t take anything too seriously. I took everything with a grain of salt when it came to our romantic relationship, because I was like, there’s no way he’s going to pick me, I’m completely the opposite of him. There were so many pretty girls that made sense with him and I just wanted to have fun and I wanted to have a crush and get to know him, but I didn’t take it too seriously, which is a huge downfall for a lot of the girls.”

She added that not being too “in her head” also helped her to be herself.

“A lot of these girls put so much pressure on themselves and they just go too fast and they think he’s their guy in the beginning and they’re watching people kiss on him and they go crazy. I had the luxury of not doing that just because I didn’t think he was gonna pick me until we were actually further along.”

source: Instagram

After she got the ring, life got weird. She had to give back the ring after only three days, tell no one, pretend like she was single, and then watch Sean go on a press tour while she sat home alone.

That’s precisely why understand why so many Bachelor couples break up and why she consider herself so lucky to have made it.

“I don’t fault anyone for breaking up because there is a lot against you, and a lot of stuff that you have to figure out by yourself. The producers are still going to be there for you but, you know, it’s such an unprecedented situation that no one can really help you.”

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