chris pratt selfies
source: Instagram

If you see Chris Pratt out and about, maybe don’t ask for a picture.

Chris Pratt joins the growing list of celebrities who, understandably, will no longer snap selfies when they run into fans.

In an interview with Cigar Aficionado magazine, Pratt revealed,

“I just don’t take pictures with people. Because that’s not about enjoying the moment; it’s about stealing the moment to brag about later. So, I say, ‘Would you settle for a handshake?’ And then they take the picture anyway.”

He went on to explain,

“It’s tough sometimes, the amount of management you need to do on things you used to do spontaneously. What I really miss is sitting down and talking to strangers who don’t know me, so we can discover each other.”

Although it’s a lifestyle we can’t truly relate to, we can’t imagine just trying to go about with normal daily activities without being bombarded with fan requests. Especially considering how easily people can access information these days. Social media seems like a blessing and a curse for Hollywood stars, with fans and news outlets quickly reporting celeb’s locations.

Emma Watson expressed similar sentiments a few months ago. Fans become so infatuated with their favorite stars that they almost stop seeing them as people with lives. They lose the ability to have any sort of private life.

So if you see a celeb on the street, take a mental photo, not one for Instagram.

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