Chrissy Metz Puts Body Shamers in Their Place

chrissy metz
source: Instagram

Chrissy Metz continues to be a badass body positive warrior.

The actress, who rose to fame as Kate Pearson on This Is Us, has had to deal with body critics since rising to the spotlight.

But she doesn’t let these fools stop her.

Last night, Metz appeared at the MTV Movie & TV Awards, looking stunning in a latex red dress.

Because people are disgusting and ignorant, some haters took to the Internet to criticize Metz for her look. Ah, how novel.

Metz wasn’t having it, and took to Twitter to share a message with such people:

Yep yep yep.

Chrissy’s journey to landing her role on This is Us was not easy, but she has seen stunning success since landing the role. She’s been a vocal body positive role model in so many ways, from coming to Lady Gaga’s defense, to describing her own challenges growing up.

Metz’s comments to this instance echo Ariel Winter’s response to haters who judged her outfit choices at a recent red carpet event. Let people wear what they want to wear, and if it bothers you don’t look at it or be quiet. It’s just continually disheartening to continue having to have these conversations. Let’s start celebrating people for their amazing accomplishments instead of bashing their physical appearance. Can we be done here?

Allie Bush
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