We adore Chrissy Metz, and she keeps inspiring us day after day.

Recently named on People magazine’s “World’s Most Beautiful” list, Metz wrote and read a letter to her teenage self.

Chrissy posted a video of her reciting the letter, which reads:

“Hey, Girl, Hey!

“You are just as important and beautiful as Amy, the most gorgeous cheerleader in your entire school, even if your hair isn’t the perfect natural shade of honey blonde or because your clothes aren’t from Guess or that your curves look VERY different from hers.

“Contrary to the bill of goods you’ve been sold, life is not a competition. Stop comparing yourself to anyone or anything.

“We are all on our own journey and you are the driver. There will be bumps in the road, detours to be taken and pit stops will have to be made, but you’ve got to fill ‘er up and keep going. You will lose your map, but never your intuition.

“Allow every smile, frown, and town you drive through to open your mind, but never close your heart.

One day you will appreciate the upgrade of that cruise control but never take your eye off that winding road you have paved by being courageously you!”

Chrissy faced hardship as she worked her way to her leading role on This Is Us. She’s also been a huge body-positive role model and spokesperson, advocating on behalf of herself and others, including Lady Gaga.

This Is Us returns in September.


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