So stop asking her!

source: Instagram

If you don’t know who Chrissy Metz is, you might be living under a rock.

Metz stars in NBC’s wildly popular This is Us. The overwhelming attention that the network’s new drama has been getting has caused its stars to be thrown into the limelight at an alarmingly fast rate. Unfortunately for many new stars, some of the first questions asked of them on the red carpet are “Who are you here with?” or “So, who are you dating?” Well Chrissy Metz knows what she’s about and isn’t giving in!

The talented actress has been slaying the red carpet solo, but does have a mystery man in her life. However, she is choosing to keep his identity private. When asked about it at the Artios Awards, Chrissy explained that she wants to figure herself out in her newfound fame, while maintaining respect for her BF’s privacy. She hinted that he’ll accompany her eventually, but for now she likes how things are.

In a world where every aspect of celebs’ lives is over-analyzed, we respect the heck out of Chrissy’s decision.

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