'This Is Us' Chrissy Metz on What to Expect from Tonight's Episode

Tonight’s episode of This Is Us is bound to be an emotional doozy.

But then again, isn’t it always?

If you recall, the show is setting aside three weeks to dedicate an episode to each Pearson sibling. This week is Kate’s turn, and based on how last week ended, we know it’s going to be rough.

Chrissy Metz, who plays Kate, spoke with Entertainment Weekly on what to expect. She said,

“It’s definitely raw, and we see Kate at her most vulnerable. We’ve not seen her this vulnerable yet. She feels very alone in this journey until she has help from people who really do love her, and she’s just so uncertain about the whole journey because it’s unchartered territory.”

She also explains how it will impact Kate’s relationship with Toby. She explains,

“It tests their relationship. What’s so great about the writers bringing it to light in our show is that nobody knows how to address the situation, nobody knows how to talk about it, no one knows when to talk about it, where to talk about it. There’s just a lot of shame surrounding it. She’s feeling that she’s the only one going through it but your other half actually goes through it too even though it might not be a physical change. He’s definitely feeling the pain and the grief as well.”

I applaud the show for taking on such a difficult, but very real, topic. I have no doubts that they will do it justice.

In terms of the moments that we will see of Kate’s younger years, executive producer Isaac Aptaker shines a light on what to expect. He said,

“She’s a little aimless and Rebecca is trying, in a totally supportive way, to help her daughter find a path, but as we have seen in the past, when Rebecca tries to be there for Kate, despite her best intentions, it doesn’t always work out.”

I’m sure many people will relate to these interactions, which may also make it difficult to watch.

Be sure to have your tissues ready by 9 pm tonight.

Allie Bush
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