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There have been 14 seasons of Project Runway and yet no one has reached nearly the success as season four’s winner Christian Siriano. The designer has over-reached his Project Runway fame to established himself as a designer in his own right.

Christian has dressed everyone from Lady Gaga to Laverne Cox to even the first lady Michelle Obama herself. And when Ghostbusters star Leslie Jones declared she had nobody to dress her for the film’s premiere, her was the first to step up, making his star shine even brighter. So how exactly did he do it?

The designer says that when he first won the reality tv show at 22 years old, he had no idea how to handle the fame, let alone the demand for his clothes. He told Refinery29,

“When I finished Project Runway and had my first collection, it was interesting having retailers want to buy the collection, because I didn’t really know how to go to market yet.”

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He adds that although he had a lot of support from buyers, he didn’t initially have a ton of friends in the industry, which made things difficult.

“I wasn’t supported by everyone in the industry at the beginning, but I was becoming successful without them — and that was probably annoying.”

Looking back, Christian says that Michelle Obama wearing his design really solidified his career and he’s forever grateful. “That’s why I have a job; that’s how I give jobs to people.”

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Nowadays, Christian has become known for dressing women of all shapes and sizes. And while he marvels at how the industry often lacks the ability to do the same, for him, it was always a no-brainer.

“We just don’t think about it that way. In my office, all of my employees are different sizes and ages… I don’t even think about it”

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