Cierra Ramirez's Debut Album 'Over Your Head' Is The Latina Pop Voice You Need In 2020

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Cierra Ramirez is already an established actress and producer. And now, it seems, she’s ready to add singer to her repertoire.

The 24-year-old actress, known for her role on the Freeform drama The Fosters and its subsequent spinoff Good Trouble, just released her debut LP, Over Your Head.

Over Your Head features four previously released singles, including Ramirez’s single of the same name, as well as six brand-new hits. It’s clear that Ramirez likes to play with genre, as she invokes everything from pop to R&B to Latin to hip-hop in her music.

Highlights from the album include “Charlie,” which features hip-hop artist Bulova and showcases Ramirez’s Latina roots and self-described “pop urban” sound in a bubbly, upbeat dance club hit, and “Twisted,” another dance-worthy earworm that will keep you tapping your toes long after the song ends.

But it’s where Ramirez chooses to be deeply personal that she shines the most and powerful ballads “BBU” and “Broke Us” solidify Ramirez as a vocal force to be reckoned with. She sings about the nuances of heartbreak and the emotional wreckage that toxic relationships can leave behind. Her lyrics are raw and vulnerable, fully-formed, flawed, and wholly human, but never apologetic for being those things. In fact, refusing to apologize for her emotions seems to a theme threading through the album. Ramirez even kicks off the titular single by declaring,

“I would say sorry / but sorry for what?”

And later, she sings,

“You call it being damaged / I call it being complicated.”

Complicated, too, is Ramirez’s ever-expanding career. Some may worry that Ramirez’s album debut signifies that she’s preparing to extricate herself from our Freeform screens in exchange for the pop star life.

But don’t expect Ramirez to disappear from the acting world anytime soon. Rather, in a recent AOL Build Series interview, Ramirez referenced her idol, Jennifer Lopez, as proof that she could succeed as both an actress and a singer and that she doesn’t have to sacrifice one passion for another.

Ramirez said of Lopez,

“She really does it all and does it well. She’s someone that inspires me because she can do anything that she puts her mind do and doesn’t put herself in one box. Being a young Latina and seeing her… she really opened the door for lots of girls like me and I hope to follow in those footsteps in that sense and do it all.”

Ramirez continued,

“Balancing both acting and singing can be very challenging… but I am so passionate about my music, I make it work.”

Over Your Head is currently streaming on all major platforms, including Spotify here. You can also catch Ramirez on Good Trouble, airing on Freeform Wednesdays at 10 pm.


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