'Cobra Kai' Season 3 Review: A Dojo Full of Psychopaths

cobra kai season 3 review recap

[Warning: Major Spoilers Ahead]

Cobra Kai season 3 has taken a very dark turn.

If you thought Miguel’s near-death injury last season would knock some sense into all these karate kids, you thought wrong.

In fact, it’s just the opposite: these kids have gone absolute berserk.

cobra kai review season 3

Under Kreese’s leadership, the rules have gone from no mercy on the mat to no mercy in life. These kids are out for blood — literally. They’re little soldiers and they’re fighting to kill.

Make no mistake: this is no ordinary teen angst. This is some Game of Thrones-level shit.

cobra kai cast actress sam

This season featured more violence than ever before as new alliances formed and old rivalries reignited. But it wasn’t until the final episode that things went way too far.

The Cobra Kais came kicking down Sam’s door like a pack of wolves about to devour their prey.

Hawk was like some possessed demon, ready to kill anyone who got in his way. Tory was quite literally prepared to bash in Sam’s skull with nunchucks. And all the other Cobra Kai minions followed suit, ready to attack with a vengeance.

cobra kai cast season 3 recap finale

But it wasn’t just the kids who had murder on the brain.

Over at the Cobra Kai studio, Johnny was about to choke Kreese to death until his son Robby stopped him. Kreese then attempted to stab Johnny with some sort of triton until Daniel came to save him. And finally, Daniel was on the verge of using his new Miyagi skills to kill Kreese until Sam arrived on the scene.

Seriously, what is in the water in this town? Has everyone gone absolutely mad?

It’s one thing to have enemies, especially in high school. It’s quite another to be fully prepared to murder someone with your own bare hands.

cobra kai season 3 recap review

I don’t know what season 4 has in store but it better include some serious group therapy. Because these kids are going to need it after all the PTSD they’re about to experience.

You can currently stream all three seasons of Cobra Kai on Netflix.


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