Football player-turned-activist Colin Kaepernick is stepping up yet again amidst the nation-wide protests against police brutality.

Kaepernick, who has become one of the most well-known activists in the movement, recently announced the new Legal Defense Initiative through his organization Know Your Rights Camp. According to a statement released on the organization’s website, “the Know Your Rights Camp Legal Defense Initiative has identified and teamed up with top defense lawyers in the Minneapolis, Minnesota area to provide legal resources for those in need.”

This defense fund is incredibly important since activists are being arrested — sometimes quite violently — as they protest the systematic racism that led to the brutal murder of George Floyd.

Unfortunately, not everyone who is arrested can afford to post bail let alone obtain adequate counsel.

Although protestors of all races are being arrested, legal funds are especially crucial for many Black people. The bail system is inherently unjust in and of itself and Black people who are arrested are more likely to be judged as “high risk” and have their bail set higher than their white counterparts. According to a 2012 study by the Justice Policy Institute,

“African Americans ages 18 through 29 received significantly higher bail amounts than all other types of defendants.”

Without the ability to post bail, arrested individuals will stay in jail. And we all know how that ended up for Sandra Bland.

If you or anyone you know needs legal assistance, you can fill out the form here.

If you’d like to donate to the fund, you can do so here.


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