College Fashion: How to Dress For Success

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credit: Darina Belonogova

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A university or college is an institution with many rules. Rules are present in different areas of study at the university, for example, there are many rules for writing academic papers. So if you need to do my paper, you can use special assistants to help you. But as for the dress code, universities do not have a strict dress code, but there are unspoken rules about how to dress in an academic institution. This article will tell you what kind of outfits a student can wear at university and college. And we will also share tips on how to dress a student for different occasions: graduation, physical education, and exams.

Student Dress Code: Why is it Necessary?

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credit: Darina Belonogova

Many students are perplexed: why do we need a certain type of outfit at university? A student’s dress code serves specific functions:

• Educational. The outfit for college or university students is designed to develop a certain taste for dress, considering the specifics of the chosen specialty and the future place of work.
• Disciplinary. The university dress code reinforces discipline.

General Requirements for Student Outfits

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Every institution has rules and requirements for appearance. Therefore, freshmen and all other students better learn the student uniform requirements. There are general dress requirements for students. We suggest that you familiarize yourself with them:

• The dress style is predominantly conservative. But there may be slight indulgences in favor of casual style.
• The student’s appearance is neat
• Footwear is extremely comfortable and safe. It is best not to wear high stiletto heels to class.
• The student’s hairstyle also matters. The best options are a neat haircut for guys and a styled hair for girls. For girls, it’s better to use neutral makeup.

Student’s Uniform: Everyday Closet

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In most universities and colleges, there are no strict restrictions in terms of clothing. Students can wear pants, jeans, sweaters, and dresses. But it is better to adhere to the etiquette and appropriateness of each element of the closet, considering the situation and circumstances. For example, the everyday clothes of university students may be as follows:

• Bottoms: jeans or pants (classic, slightly tapered) with a medium fit, a skirt to the knee, or slightly higher.
• The top: a blouse, a shirt, a pullover, a turtleneck, rarely a t-shirt.
• Shoes: comfortable and safe.

Dressing For Special Events

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A student of an institute or technical school may have many different celebratory events: a concert, an exhibition, a performance, or a graduation party. In this case, it is better to dress according to the nature of the event:

• To participate in a concert number, opt for stage clothing of any color, shade, and style, but within the context of the number.
• To participate in a scientific conference, it is better to wear a business or classic suit.
• A university graduate’s uniform can be more colorful and unusual in style.

What Kind of Outfits Do Students Wear During Exams?

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credit: Timo Miroshnichenko

Exam time exhausts students. And at this time you don’t think at all about clothes. But it’s better to dress for the exam, too, taking into account generally accepted norms:

• In exams, dress comfortably as you may have to sit in one place for hours.
• It is better not to wear vulgar and overly naked types of clothing and bright colors.

The right choice of clothes will help to create a pleasant first impression and attract teachers.

University Dress Code: How to Dress For Sports and Physical Education

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For sports, it is better to buy extra clothes. For work in the gym, students can wear:

• Tracksuit, mid-length shorts, leggings, athletic pants;
• A T-shirt, an Olympic jersey, or a sweatshirt
• Sneakers or running shoes

How Medical Students Dress

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The appearance of a medical student differs from that of other students. Therefore, before starting medical school, it is better to prepare in advance and purchase:

• A white lab coat. It is best to buy a coat made of thickened material. Unlike products from thin fabrics, it is not as wrinkled. During the study, a student will often put it in the bag, so the non-wearing material is a very important point. Also, when choosing, you should pay attention to the length: medical schools do not welcome short lab coats. Length to the knee and below will be optimal;
• Scrub caps. In some disciplines, such as anatomy or surgery, teachers require students to wear a medical cap. More often than not, students buy a simple disposable scrub cap. You can also pick a more fun-colored one to reuse as often as you’d like.
• Medical shoes. Medical students’ shoes should be washable, closed-toe, and non-slip.

What are the Best Clothes to Avoid at University?

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Despite the wide variety of student uniforms, certain closet items are best avoided altogether at the institution:

• Anything you would wear on a night out or to a club. In other words, anything too revealing, too flashy, too fancy, or otherwise.

Now you know everything about clothing for students of educational institutions. It is better to consider the closet requirements in each specific situation. And student services will help you cope with studying. Academic specialists are capable of any academic task.