Corinne from ‘The Bachelor’ Would Like to Clarify a Few Things, Ok?

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Corinne Olympios from The Bachelor would like to clarify a few of those TV moments that made her infamous this season.

Speaking with E! News, she commented on her now-iconic line, “My heart is gold by my vagine is platinum.”

So where exactly did that come from, you ask? She explains,

“I don’t know! I have no idea what I was thinking. It kind of just came out, I don’t know what happened there.”


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She also discussed that scene where she went to Nick’s bedroom dressed only in a robe in what seemed like an attempt to seduce him. But according to Corinne, that’s just not what happened!

“It looked like I just went there to have sex and I didn’t. We had a very long conversation about what we would do with life and how we would do life together and what we would do If I had a one-on-one, things like that. I was kind of upset that it didn’t look like that. So yeah, I just want to set the story straight, we barely even went there. We really most talked about one-on-ones and life.”

We definitely would have liked to see some of the more intellectual moments between Corinne and Nick Viall, which both of them have referenced in different interviews.

Immediately after getting kicked off The Bachelor, Corinne chatted with Jimmy Kimmel about what went down. She said she was completely shocked that Nick sent her home.

She also mentioned that she hasn’t officially been asked to participate in Bachelor in Paradise yet but she would definitely consider it.

We hope she does it! She was one of the most interesting contestants on the Bachelor in a long time and we could all use a little more Corinne in our lives.

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