Corinne Olympios is Milking Her ‘Bachelor’ Fame for All It’s Worth

corinne olympios
source: Instagram

The Bachelor stand-out contestant Corinne Olympios is taking advantage of her time in the spotlight — and we’re not mad about it.

After releasing her “Team Corn” clothing line, Corinne is on a publicity tour to sell the clothes as well as her personal brand. She recently chatted with NY Mag about napping, cheese pasta, and fame. You know, the important things in life. Our favorite tidbits below.

On napping…

“Beauty sleep is always important. I nap at least once a day if I ever have time, and my nap attire is usually in Team Corn clothes. With my running around right now it’s really hard, so if I get 15 minutes in, I’m lucky. But I’m really good at falling right asleep.”

On the infamous cheese pasta…

“It’s honestly just elbow pasta boiled in water: over-boiled, I like them super soft. Add a little salt to the water, drain the over-boiled water, put it back into the hot pan and just add a whole bunch of cheese, like more cheese than pasta, and you just mix mix mix until everything’s melted and creamy together. No added salt and no added butter, just the pasta and the cheese.”

On fame…

“I didn’t really plan anything, I kind of just did what I wanted to do. They stress it enough that there are no rules on The Bachelor, so I didn’t have anything to follow, I was just doing me.”

In addition to the clothing line, Olympios would love to write a book and create a makeup line. Who knows, she may even be up for her own reality show one day. Yeah, we’d totally watch that.

Lena Finkel
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