9 Cat Beds & Houses You Should *Absolutely* Waste Your Money On

If your cat is anything like mine, then he’s probably more likely to play with your extra cardboard boxes then the toys you actually spend money on.

But damn! There are some seriously cute (and highly ridiculous) cat beds and houses out there and I can’t help but want to waste a whole lot of money on them.

So if you’re in the same boat as me and ready to try and convince your little nugget to give up his favorite spot, then here are the best of the best from around the web.

Boho Cat Teepee

Perfect for the kitty who can’t get enough of the boho-chic look.

cat cat teepee

From Amazon

Fruit Tarte

For the Parisian kitty who is fancy af.

cute cat bed

From Amazon

Williamsburg Apt

For the ultra-hipster cat who needs a pad to match.

funny cat house

From Uncommon Goods

Cat Hammock

For the zen cat who loves to relax.

cat hammock

From Etsy

Banana Bed

For the cat who just needs some private time.

funny cat bed

From Amazon

Doll Bed

For the cat who’s way too human.

ikea cat bed

From Ikea

Totoro House

For the ultimate Japanese film aficionado kitty.

totoro cat bed

From Etsy

Toast Bed with Fried Egg Blanket

For the cat who would rather sleep through breakfast.

cute cat bed amazon

From Amazon and yes, also Amazon

Whale House

For the cat who likes modern furniture with a touch of whimsy.

cat houseFrom Etsy


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