It's Time to Replace Your Tote With a Mini Backpack

mini backpack

You may not have rocked one since grade school, but it’s time for you to embrace the mini-backpack.

Designers have been coming out with cute (and very adult) backpacks for the last year or so and they deserve your attention asap. And there are plenty of options for everyone — leather, faux leather, suede, velvet and more. Even high fashion brands are coming out with their own versions including Givenchy, Chloe, Burberry, Stella McCartney, and Marc Jacobs.

But luckily you don’t have to be in the 1% to afford one. We’ve found the cutest and just as importantly the most affordable little backpacks across the web. And I may be a bit biased but after buying the ASOS crinkle velvet backpack, I’ve gotten tons of compliments. Plus, isn’t everything better when it’s mini?


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Photo by Corey Motta 

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