NY Gov. Candidate Cynthia Nixon Is Ready to Fix Everything You Hate About the Subway

Anyone who takes the subway to work in NYC knows that it’s a complete disaster.

Delays have only gotten more and more frequent and I can personally attest to that. Earlier this summer I was trapped on the F train for nearly an hour and a half, which, for someone with anxiety and claustrophobia, was basically a nightmare come to life.

Although sitting Governor Cuomo announced a “state of emergency” for the subways last summer, many New Yorkers remain bitter about his lack of solutions and seemingly ambivalence about the issue.

Enter Governor candidate Cynthia Nixon.

Nixon has already released a two-part plan to bring in more money to fix the subway system. Her plan is this: a millionaires’ tax (um, yes please) and a hefty fee for any company contributing pollution to New York state.

In my eyes, the plan is brilliant: Not only does it address the subway issue, but also take a stab at wealth disparity and the increasing climate change issues in the country.

So what’s Cuomo’s proposed solution? When first asked, he said he would merely “review” the situation. *Cue eye roll*

But after Cynthia released her plan, he soon proposed a toll for any drivers entering the city. We’re currently still waiting for a more robust vision for his plan.

As for Cynthia, she has a lot of drive to fix the subways, as she rides the subway herself, of course. She told The Cut,

“Getting stuck in a tunnel is what I hate, which happens every week. And also, having allotted the right amount of time, getting into the station, looking up and seeing it says ’23 minutes until the next train.’”

It’s unclear when the last time Gov. Cuomo rode the subway was.


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