Dakota and Elle Fanning Just Gave Us Major Sister Goals

elle fanning
source: Instagram

The world may want to compare them, but sisters Dakota and Elle Fanning are not in competition.

19-year-old Elle, the younger of the two, was recently featured on the cover of Vogue and big sis Dakota had nothing but sweet, encouraging words for her. Dakota told Vogue,

“People sometimes want us to feel weird jealousy or competition. It will never happen. There’s no one I want to see succeed or soar more.”

Elle used to gush about Dakota all the time as well, even saying she wanted to go to college just like her (Dakota goes to NYU). But Elle ultimately decided to put it off for the time being. She explained,

“It’s scary to think of not being able to do movies still.”

It was certainly a smart move career-wise: she has three movies coming out in 2017 and another three slated or 2018.

But despite all her success, she hasn’t followed the typical path to fame as her peers. Unlike other Hollywood teen royalty, she doesn’t tweet and she only joined Instagram a year go. She’s often described as wise beyond her years and director Sophia Coppola called her “that rare combination of being sophisticated but a kid at the same time.”

She’s certainly shown great maturity, even as a teen. She often talks about the need to squash traditional standards of beauty, instead proposing a more feminist-friendly way of thinking.

Upcoming flicks include Teen Spirit from the guys you brought you La La Land, I Think We’re Alone Now opposite Peter Dinklage, and The Beguiled directed by Sophia Coppola. Yeah, we’d say she has a pretty bright future.

Lena Finkel
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