A Response to the Heather Morris Controversy: Was her ‘DWTS’ Casting Fair?

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As much as we love a good discussion, there seems to be controversy everywhere you look now.

The latest controversial buzz (in the Hollywood/TV world, that is) comes in regards to the newest cast of Dancing with the Stars.

Some argue that casting Heather Morris (Glee) is unfair, as she used to be a professional dancer. If you don’t already know, she was on So You Think You Can Dance and was a backup dancer for Beyoncé. We’d consider that pretty professional!

As an on and off viewer of Dancing with the Stars, I can say that this casting choice does not really bother me. Although I can understand where the frustration comes from, there are a few reasons why it doesn’t really matter.

First of all, ballroom dancing requires an additional skill set. While prior dance experience is certainly an advantage, unless someone has ballroom training, they still have a lot to learn.

Additionally, Dancing with the Stars has seen gymnasts, figure skaters, ice dancers, athletes and even singers/actors who have had dance training. They too already had the stamina, ability, range of motion, and flexibility that is advantageous for the show.

Finally, let’s be honest, the show is just as much about talent as it is a popularity contest. Having a strong dance performance will only get contestants so far. After that, it becomes more about personality, showmanship, and creativity. At that point, anyone is fair game.

If you think a contestant with more dance training has an advantage, then use your vote to express that!

So yes, on the one hand, being a professional dancer is an advantage. There is no denying that. Pitting Heather Morris against Mr. T doesn’t seem quite even. But if you consider casting in past seasons, there have been somewhat similar situations.

So when you boil it down, does it really matter?

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Allie Bush
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