Who Should Win ‘Dancing with the Stars’?

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This season of Dancing with the Stars is arguably one of the best ever.

There’s been no shortage of talent, plus with Maks’ injury, shocking eliminations, and the Heather Morris controversy, there’s been a lot of drama this season too.

Last night’s episode saw a surprising elimination, as well as the revelation of the final 3 couples.

Although we would have liked seeing Simone in the finale, we are now down to David & Lindsay, Normani & Val, and Rashad & Emma. All three deserve to be in the finale for various reasons, and all three arguably deserve to win.

But in my opinion, Rashad should win this season of Dancing with the Stars.

To me, he represents what the show is about. They took him completely out of his comfort zone and taught him to ballroom dance. And he is actually getting good. We’ve watched him take a journey, work on the judges’ critiques, and grow into a dancer. All the while, he is very entertaining and has an endearing personality.

In terms of the other contestants, I still love them but don’t necessarily think they should win. Here’s why.

David Ross has had some really entertaining dances, and he really holds his own. He’s also the first MLB contestant on the show. That said, he’s still pretty awkward in his movements, which is understandable! I love watching him, but he shouldn’t win.

Normani, on the other hand, absolutely kills it. She has been a consistent top scorer and owns every dance she does. But ironically for those reasons, I don’t think she should win. Normani has always been good. She definitely has grown but has been a talented front-runner since the beginning. She wasn’t really taken out of her comfort zone and isn’t an amateur. She deserves her final spot, but shouldn’t necessarily win just because she’s the most talented.

To me, the winner should be a person who is becoming a good dancer AND has taken a journey to get to that point. In reality, Normani will likely take home the mirrorball. And I’ll be thrilled if she does. She is fierce, extremely talented, and hands down the best dancer in the competition. But in my hypothetical world, I’d like Rashad to win for representing what the show is all about.

Allie Bush
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