Day Journey From Nice to Monaco: What You Should See

credit: Julien Lanoy

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The Côte d’Azur seems pricey and far away. Monaco is above average but not insurmountable if you want it to be. Who hasn’t imagined feeling in control of life for a day? What you can do in the opulent principality in a day is listed below. You can look forward to visiting the church, the Oceanographic Museum, the palace, gardens and parks, promenades, and scenic views of the city and harbour.

It is hardly wise to make Monaco the focal point of a trip to the Côte d’Azur. There are high costs associated with living, eating, and parking ($5 per hour). So, it’s best to avoid settling in Monaco. Instead, it is better to come to neighbouring Nice and stay there. Nice is not a cheap city either. However, if you compare it with the prices in Monaco, everything becomes obvious.

places to visit in monaco
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The journey from Nice to Monaco takes about an hour, but the scenery outside the window is well worth the trip. Or you can go directly from Nice airport to Monaco by airport transfer. You can reserve AtoB Nice airport taxi to transport from Nice to Monaco. You will be driven there in a luxurious budget, luxury, or premium airport transfer. A journey to Monaco by bus, train, or airport taxi is a joyous introduction to an encounter with extraordinary sights, historic buildings of culture and history, a hub of international events in various genres, and breathtakingly beautiful landscapes.

The centre of the tiny principality of Monaco, which also houses another well-known city, Monte Carlo, is a very small city of Monaco. There is a list of places to see. The Grand Prix, a Formula 1 race conducted on the Monte Carlo city circuit, has made it famous all over the globe. Monaco is well-known for its majestic casino, which served as the backdrop for several Hollywood productions, as well as for its beaches, parades, expensive vehicles stationed on its streets, and yachts. Monaco is renowned for both its location and riches.

Prince’s Palace

what to do in monaco
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In the centre of Monaco, the Prince’s Castle was built in 1191. Take AtoB airport transfer and see a stunning view of the ocean and the yacht-filled harbour. The Prince of Monaco resides in the Prince’s Palace as his formal home. The Grimaldi family has held it since 1297, and it is situated on the remains of a Genoese stronghold. According to legend, Francesco Grimaldi, the Guelph leader, and his cousin Rainier I entered the castle while pretending to be monks and engaged in combat to take control of the stronghold.

Currently, only during the summer can you enter the structure and appreciate its interior. The palace has a number of splendid chambers, including Louis XV’s golden-yellow reception room, the Mazarin reception room’s colourful panelling, the Blue Room’s exquisite brocade, and the throne room. There are frescoes, pictures, and furnishings from the 1700s inside the house.

Oceanographic Museum

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Since 1910, Monaco’s Oceanographic Museum has delighted visitors of all ages and served as evidence that the Principality is more than just a refuge for high-end automobiles and taxes. Book an airport taxi, go here and discover more than 6000 species of marine life, including sharks, turtles, fish from the Mediterranean and the tropics, and even a coral reef that has been effectively expanding in these seas since 1989. All of these are displayed in this museum’s 6500 square metres of room for visitors.

Exotic Garden

places to visit in monaco

In 1933 the tropical park was opened. It has a wide variety of flora that, because of their varied ancestries, blossom all year long. Various agave and cactus species from Africa, the Persian Peninsula, South America, Mexico, and the United States are on display.

The tropical park is a 5-minute stroll from Monaco’s centre. Or you can go directly here by Nice airport transfer. You can tour a limestone tunnel with stalactites and stalagmites that is up to 100 metres above sea level with the assistance of knowledgeable speleologists. Animal bones discovered during digs show that humans have lived in these locations since prehistoric times. Visit the Museum of Ancient Archaeology after visiting the Exotic Garden to see the artefacts that were uncovered there.

New National Museum of Monaco

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Visitors to the new National Museum are given a foundational introduction to modern art. The cultural legacy of the Principality of Monaco is showcased through a number of exhibitions, ongoing collections, and activities. The Villa Paloma and the Villa Sober are two unique sites for the exhibit. The state bought these two old houses in the middle of the city and converted them into museums. Villa Sober has an area of 875 square metres.

The collection of clockwork toys and figurines from the XVIII–XIX centuries is the “pearl” of the New National Museum. Plan a trip to the museum by airport taxi and you will be like on an expedition with these incredible wooden and porcelain objects. The museum staff winds up the dolls’ mechanisms once a day, at which point they come to life by playing musical instruments, sighing, reading novels, and drinking tea.