Watch This 16-Year-Old Woman Take on Republican Senator Over Planned Parenthood

Deja Foxx is officially giving us life goals! The 16-year-old from Arizona attended Republican Senator Jeff Flake’s town hall and stood up for her rights when it comes to Planned Parenthood.

First, some context: Senator Flake had previously shown support for Trump and his decision to give states the right to deny funds to Planned Parenthood, given under Title X. Not cool, right?

So Foxx attended Flake’s town hall and decided to give him a piece of her mind.

She said,

“Jeff Flake, my name is Deja Foxx and I’m a 16-year-old from Tucson. I just want to state some facts. So, I’m a young woman, and you’re a middle-aged man. I’m a person of color, and you’re white. I come from a background of poverty, and I didn’t always have parents to guide me through life. You come from privilege, so I’m wondering, as a Planned Parenthood patient and someone who relies on Title X, who you are clearly not, why it’s your right to take away my right to choose Planned Parenthood and to choose no-co-pay birth control, to access that.”

Flake pretty much dodged the question and just uttered some bullshit about helping people realize “the American dream.”

But Foxx didn’t back down. She responded,

“I am a ‘youth on their own’ — meaning I don’t live with my parents or have a permanent home. So when I needed birth control and reproductive health care, I didn’t have anyone to help me navigate the healthcare system. Why would you deny me the American dream?”


The teen later appeared on CNN to discuss the epic event and explained,

“I can’t sit idly by and women like me are countlessly and constantly being ignored on Capitol Hill.”

We’re so proud of her!

It’s up to us to tell our representatives what we think — they’re supposed to be representing us after all, not their own interests. Can’t attend a town hall? Here’s how you can contact your representatives and give them a piece of your mind.

Watch the full showdown below.

Lena Finkel
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