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Step aside Netflix and Hulu, YouTube wants a seat at the table!

YouTube recently announced that it will begin creating ad-supported original programming to its website. Deadline reports that at YouTube’s NewFronts presentation in New York today, the streaming platform announced some of the programs we can expect on the beloved site. Naturally, some are more exciting than others, but here are some of the most buzzed-about shows hitting YouTube:

Kevin Hart: What the Fit?: Kevin Hart + celeb friends collaborate to attempt trending fitness challenges.

I Am: Demi Lovato: A documentary that looks at a year in the life of Demi.

Ellen’s Show Me More Show: If you need more Ellen in your life, this twice-weekly show will give fans a look at the behind-the-scenes material.

Hosted by Ryan Seacrest (because he needs another gig?!), this talent show allows YouTube cover artists can submit their work for a chance to duet with a superstar.

I have some mixed feelings about some of this content. Ellen already has EllenTube and her own merchandise line, and there’s already a lot of Ryan Seacrest/singing competitions on TV. At what point is it all too much? But in an age when conventional, live TV viewing is not as common as it once was, perhaps these shows will take off.

Will these new YouTube originals be successful when the media landscape is already flooded with original content? I think it has potential. Although it has fierce competition, it offers something that some of the other services don’t: It’s FREE.

What are your thoughts? Are you excited about YouTube jumping in the mix, or is it too excessive?

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