Leaked private photo? Who cares! At least, that’s Demi Lovato’s philosophy!

A sexy personal photo of Demi’s, perhaps meant for her boyfriend Bomba, has been surfing the web recently. But the best part is that Lovato could literally not care less!

The singer posted on Twitter,

It’s true. Lovato has posed nude numerous times for photo shoots and even for her own album work. The response is exactly what we’d expect from her, as she has proven on numerous occasions that she never lets the little things bother her anymore. And with five years of sobriety under her belt, why should she have to worry about such silly things anyway.

demi lovato
source: Instagram

And this is not the first time Demi has had to deal with a photo leak. A little while back, sexy photos she took for then-boyfriend Wilmer Valderrama surfed the internet. Unfortunately, with so many photo leaks and cell phone hacking, it just seems like part of being a celeb these days.

Glad Demi Lovato is able to take this so lightly, though! Gotta love her attitude.


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