Demi Lovato Just Shut Down Fans Who Criticize Her For Getting Political

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Demi Lovato recently dropped her new anti-Trump anthem “Commander In Chief” and it wasn’t long before some of her fans were getting angry.

One such fan said they were “ashamed to be a Lovatic” and that they felt this song was “going too far.”

Demi was quick to respond, however, and pretty much shut them down.

She wrote,

“You do understand as a celebrity, I have a right to political views as well? Or did you forget that we aren’t just around to entertain people for our entire lives… that we are citizens of the same country and we are humans with opinions as well?”

She continued,

“I literally don’t care if this ruins my career. This isn’t about that. My career isn’t about that. I made a piece of art that stands for something I believe in. And I’m putting it out even at the risk of losing fans. I’ll take integrity in my work over sales any day.”


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But Demi wasn’t done. Not only did she post that comment to her Instagram stories, she also followed it up with a second message:

“Music is art. Art is expression meant to create conversation. We are heading into the most important election of our lives. This song isn’t about division. This is about finding answers from our sitting president. So please, debate, and talk about voting. That’s what this is all about.”

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Demi has long been outspoken about her political views, speaking out in favor of gun control, against immigrant detention centers, and more. She even sang at the 2016 Women’s March and stood up in support of Hillary Clinton during the 2016 election.

Of course, Demi isn’t the only one to receive flack for “being political.” Taylor Swift, who only recently started voicing her own political opinions, has received a lot of criticism from fans who essentially want her to shut up and look pretty.

But Demi and Taylor are human beings who live in this country. What happens in politics affects them, just as it does us. And they have a right to not only voice their opinions but to also use their platforms to positively influence their fans. And if their so-called “fans” don’t like, then they don’t have to listen.


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