After two weeks in the hospital post overdose, Demi Lovato has officially left for rehab.

While the name of the facility remains anonymous for the safety of Demi and their other patients, it reportedly specializes in alcohol and drug addiction in addition to mental health issues. The two often go hand in hand so it’s wonderful that the treatment center will help Demi get to the root of her addiction troubles.

According to Radar, Demi’s mom is getting very involved in her treatment. Demi and her mom have agreed to a minimum of 30 days in rehab, Facetime sessions every day, a year with a sober coach, and random drug screenings.

This is a stark difference from Demi’s last issues with addiction when her mother and family became so fed up with Demi’s behavior that they threatened to abandon her.

While, of course, all of her fans are extremely concerned for Demi’s wellbeing (as am I!), it is completely normal for someone suffering from addiction to go to rehab numerous times before sobriety sticks.

It’s amazing that Demi was even able to stay sober six years after only two visits to treatment centers, in 2010 and 2012. After her second stint in rehab, she moved to a sober living facility.

Demi first revealed that she had broken her sobriety with her song “Sober” earlier this year, although nobody knew just how severe things had gotten until her overdose.

While we will keep you posted on Demi’s situation, we will also do our best to respect Demi’s privacy.


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