Demi Lovato on Hitting Rock Bottom: My Family Threatened to Abandon Me

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Demi Lovato has been sober for over 5 years and has been an advocate for sobriety and mental health ever since. But her path to sobriety was obviously very challenging, and the singer is opening up about the moment when she knew she hit rock bottom.

In an interview on The Jonathan Ross Show airing on Saturday, Lovato explains when she knew she had to make a change.

Family and friends had previously staged a few interventions to no avail and eventually told Demi that if she didn’t sober up, they’d abandon her. Lovato says,

“That was the moment when I thought, ‘Okay, I really need to get help and get sober.’ This time I knew… I had hit rock bottom and I just needed to do this for myself.”

At this time, her parents also told her that she wouldn’t be able to see her younger sister, Madison. She states,

“I knew that I had a lot of life ahead of me but one of the main reasons of getting sober was so that I could be around my little sister because my mom and dad said I couldn’t be around her if I was doing stuff.”

Now on the other side, she continues to thank those who helped her and shares how every day she continues to improve. She says,

“I had family and really close friends and my manager, they all were by my side through everything. I wouldn’t be here without them. My fans too, I feel they gave me a reason to live and I’m forever grateful.”

She also adds,

“You just have to take it one day at a time, some days are easier than others and some days you forget about drinking and using, but for me, I work on my physical health, which is important, but my mental health as well. I see a therapist twice a week. I make sure I stay on my medications. I go to AA meetings. I do what I can physically in the gym. I make it a priority.”

Demi continues to be extremely vocal about her experiences to help people learn and understand the struggles of addiction. We applaud her selfless choice to be open and brave about a very difficult personal situation.


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