Doja Cat's 'Juicy' Music Video is All About That Natural Body Love

doja cat juicy music video

Doja Cat’s new music video for “Juicy” already has her followers totally fangirling — and for good reason. 

The video features Doja unapologetically embracing her natural body and everything that comes with it: stretch marks, cellulite, and all.

Doja Cat first gained popularity back in 2018 when her music video for “Mooo!” (where she literally dressed up as a cow and drank a strawberry milkshake) went viral. Fast forward to this past year and she’s become a key part of one of the most impactful eras in female rap history. Her song “Tia Tamera,” which she collaborated on with fellow femcee Rico Nasty, is another body positive bop that put her at the top of the list of female rappers to pay attention to. The song is all about her all-natural boobs which, despite nasty haters calling them “saggy,” she proudly puts on display.

In an age were “perfect” bodies are being strewn across social media, it’s difficult not to internalize the unrealistic body expectations. Opening Twitter and seeing photo-shopped and surgically-enhanced bodies only breeds insecurity for women.

But seeing someone like Doja trending on Twitter proudly rocking her saggy boobs and cellulite can make all the difference. Her care-free confidence and unapologetic attitude when it comes to her natural body are exactly what makes her a standout in the body positive movement.

doja cat juicy music video
‘Juicy’ music video / YouTube

Although the “Juicy” music video is full of body love, it would be a mistake not to mention that it was seriously lacking in plus size women. It’s clearly a missed opportunity to include an under-represented group in an otherwise great body-positive message.

Curvy women in rap is nothing new, but badass female rappers like Megan Thee Stallion and Doja Cat are unafraid to put their natural bodies in the forefront of their music videos (no shade to my girls Nicki and Cardi). While there’s nothing wrong with women making cosmetic changes to their bodies, this representation of completely natural bodies is much more relatable to the young women watching music videos with Lizzo, Megan Thee Stallion, and Doja Cat.

Overall, the majority of female rappers right now are showing love and unity both in the studio and outside of it (Nicki and Megan are basically best friends at this point), but they’re also embracing all of their different body types ranging from plus-size to slim. At the end of the day, all of these ladies are spreading their confidence to every woman listening and watching them, encouraging us to adopt a boss bitch attitude and have as much self-assurance as the rappers we love.


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