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domestic violence

While there have been a variety of apps for domestic violence victims, Bright Sky is the first promising to deliver help for survivors in the U.K.

The free app was developed by domestic abuse charity Hestia to help both domestic violence survivors and those who are friends/family of domestic abuse survivors. It offers several features including facts and myths, how to tell the warning signs, where you can find help nearby, and a brief quiz to help you determine if domestic violence is occurring.

A survivor told Broadly,

“I truly believe that If I had been using the Bright Sky app during the years I suffered, I would have been able to get the help I needed quicker than I eventually did. I would have been able to send those pictures off my phone to a safe email address, and then delete them from my handset without his knowledge. I would have been able to keep a virtual diary of what went on, and been able to locate the help I needed nearby, without having to go to the police or put myself in danger. I just needed saving, and this app could have saved me!”


Bright Sky is specifically designed to be discreet with the logo a simple cloud and sun.

Hestia, the provider of the app, offers refuge to abuse victims and gives them a place to stay for up to 9 months. The organization also offers online resources for those who know victims so they can get them help.

You can access the Bright Sky app on iTunes here.

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