Donald Glover Has Big Plans for ‘Atlanta’ Season 2

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Thought you loved the first season of Atlanta? Well, you’re about to love season 2 way more. At least, that’s what Donald Glover hopes.

Glover recently chatted with Variety about his plans and said,

“I just hope it’s a way better show, and more cohesive. I’m really touched that people are connecting to it and like it, but I want you to be able to watch the first season and be like ‘Wow, I like that season, but the second one is way better.’ I want that debate happening.”

Ok, season 1 was pretty amazing. So exactly how is he going to do that?

A reminder that Atlanta follows Glover as he becomes the manager of his cousin Paper Boi, who is an up-and-coming rapper.

Atlanta received a ton of clout from both fans and critics alike, with many commending the show on showing a completely different side of a city often left out of the conversation. Glover said,

“None of [the other shows on TV] had the perspective that we had, POV television. If you give something that is super specific, it becomes super general again.”

Atlanta season 2 isn’t set to premiere until 2018 because Donald is currently busy preparing for his role of Lando in the next Star Wars film. He’s also currently touring as his rapper alter-ego, Childish Gambino.

Prior to Atlanta, Glover starred on Community and wrote for 30 Rock (yes, Tina Fey totally gets credit for discovering him as a student at NYU).

Glover is widely considered one of the most talented renaissance men of his generation and we can’t wait to see what he has in store for us.


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