Donald Trump Does Not Want to ‘Let Girls Learn’

In his never-ending crusade to cut all ties from the Obama Administration, Donald Trump has decided to end Michelle Obama’s campaign “Let Girls Learn.”

The program was on of the hallmarks of Michelle‘s time as First Lady and it helped to give educational opportunities to adolescent girls in developing countries. The program was a wonderful initiative to help girls in rural or underdeveloped countries and was a rather bipartisan issue. The only reason to cut any such program is to drive home the point that Trump has nothing to do with his predecessor, no matter what it costs to children around the world.

This is a man who attacked Syria after being “so” affected by the images of babies getting bombed that he felt forced to do something. Yeah, so that was a lie.

Also remember that his daughter Ivanka Trump is supposedly an “advisor,” and who supposedly “cares about gender equality” — her book on the topic comes out today — so clearly that’s BS or she has zero influence.

Peace Corps employees received an email that read,

Moving forward, we will not continue to use the ‘Let Girls Learn’ brand or maintain a stand-alone program.”

Rather than phasing the program out, they are halting the initiative immediately. Yeah, our president really cares about those children, right?

The White House referred all questions about “let Girls Learn” to First Lady Melania Trump, or declined to comment. (No irony there).

The White House eventually did comment however and gave conflicting messages about the program. A spokeswoman said,

“There have been no changes to the program.”

So is there a program or isn’t there?

Despite the ending of “Let Girls Learn” the Peace Corps has renewed its commitment to girls’ education and stated,

“Girls’ education and empowerment has been a hallmark of our work over the past 56 years and we look forward to continuing those efforts with our interagency partners. We remain dedicated to the passionate work of our volunteers and staff to empower and educate girls in their communities.”

Lena Finkel
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