Donald Trump is Now Feuding with Snoop Dogg

donald trump snoop dogg
source: Instagram

Instead of trying to find a health care solution for the 24 million Americans who will soon lose health insurance, President Donald Trump is currently spending his time feuding with rapper Snoop Dogg on twitter.

If this sounds like “fake news” to you, then we promise you, it’s not (although it sounds equally as ridiculous, we realize).

The battle began when Snoop released a video a remix of “Lavender” in which he shoots a toy gun at the President dressed as a clown.

After Trump’s former enemy Marco Rubio spoke out against the imagery, Trump took it upon himself to confront Snoop face to face — well, over Twitter, that is.

The president tweeted out,

Snoop may not be everyone’s taste, but his career is far from “failing.” And if this is what Trump thinks qualifies for jail time, then we seriously question his involvement in the criminal justice system.

Oh lord, give us strength to get through the next four years. ?

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Lena Finkel
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