3 Places to Donate Tampons to Those in Need

how to donate tampons
credit: Sora Shimazaki

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There are so many ways you can help those who are suffering and in need. But one way you probably haven’t thought of? Donating menstrual supplies.

A couple of organizations have made it their mission to get tampons, pads, and other menstrual supplies to victims of natural disasters. Here are three easy ways you can get involved.

Donate to Aunt Flow

Aunt Flow has already gathered more than 7,100 tampons to bring to Harvey victims and they’re just getting started! The organization uses a one-for-one model where you can buy a box of tampons and then they’ll donate a box to those in need. Already stocked up? They’re also accepting cash donations.

Go here to learn more/donate.

Mail Donations to #HappyPeriod

One of our fave organizations #HappyPeriod is currently collecting pads, tampons, soap, wipes, and unused underwear. You can even shop their Amazon wish-list and have the products sent directly to them.

Get involved here.

Aid the Organization Support the Girls

Support the Girls is well versed in dealing with disaster relief and is currently collecting both menstrual supplies and bras to send to victims. They’ve even partnered with Soma Intimates and donated more than 2,500 bras and hygiene products to Dallas evacuation shelters.

Go here to help.

Photo: Aunt Flo / Instagram
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