dove bottle campaign
source: Instagram

Dove brand is known not just for their products but for the positive messages they spread through various promotional campaigns. Who can forget their “real beauty sketches” ad that illustrated the flawed ways we perceive ourselves? We are more than onboard with body positive campaigns, but there is also a limit.

And now, Dove UK is promoting a new campaign that just feels weird to me honestly.

If you were on Twitter at all yesterday, you probably know the campaign to which I am referring. Intended to “celebrate the many shapes and sizes of beauty”, the company released an ad that showed bottle sizes to match body types. Take a peek at the quick ad for reference.

Does this feel gimmicky to anyone else?

Well, apparently yes, as it only took a few moments for people to start churning out memes and viral tweets.

Apparently, the company will not actually be selling the different shaped bottles, but just the idea of it seems like it’s trying too hard.

I love seeing human models and toys/dolls that represent more diverse bodies and body types. But cleaning products? Not so much. I’ve never thought “I wish my soap bottle looked more like me”. I’ve never been bummed that my shampoo container didn’t mirror my muffin top or thick thighs.

In a way, the company is literally reducing women’s bodies to objects. Their aim to promote “real” body types ironically seemed inauthentic to me with this promotion. The campaign seems forced and just doesn’t work for me. The whole thing feels like a publicity stunt that leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

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