Sony Music Cuts Ties with Dr. Luke

Good riddance. Bye, Dr. Luke.

The music producer, accused of committing acts of physical and emotional abuse against Kesha, is no longer the CEO of Sony Kemosabe Records.

TheWrap reports that court documents filed by Sony show that he is no longer CEO of the company, and “does not have authority to act on its behalf.”

This decision comes a few years after the peak of the legal battles between Dr. Luke and Kesha, who filed a lawsuit against Dr. Luke and Sony back in 2014. The singer states that the company knew of Dr. Luke’s behavior and turned a blind eye to it.

TheWrap also reports that the producer’s contract was set to expire sometime this year, but that the company was looking to let him go sooner due to the backlash against Sony. So did they let him good because of the bad press, or because of the sickening behavior, he is accused of? Sadly, the former wouldn’t be surprising.

We live in a world where many individuals don’t report assault out of fear that they won’t be believed. And based on how assaulters are frequently left unpunished, it’s sadly understandable that victims might have reservations.

People are let go of their jobs for such abusive behavior because of financial loss to the company, not because the behavior is wrong. I mean, look at how long it took for Bill O’Reilly to get the boot. And in some cases, people aren’t punished at all. Isn’t that right, Mr. President?

So yeah, letting go of Dr. Luke was 100% the right choice. But we’re not thrilled it took 3 years.

Allie Bush
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