Fans: prepare yourselves

source: Instagram

People, we have some crushing news: the lovely Ed Sheeren has reportedly sliced his face open!

According to multiple reports, the singer was hanging at the Royal Lodge in Windsor, you know, as one does, when Princess Beatrice of York decided to get playful with a sword. She was apparently trying to fake knight singer James Blunt when raised the sword up and caught Ed by the cheek. Eek! Ed was brought to a hospital immediately but was luckily OK enough to perform a concert the next day.


Lots of fans have already recorded photographic proof of the injury and it looks terrible! We hope it doesn’t leave a scar! Either way, we would love him just the same, of course. (Although that haircut — what was he thinking?).

Neither the Royal family nor Ed’s camp has made any public statement on the matter. Although a story like that, we have to imagine that one or two drinks were involved (just speculation).

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