elizabeth olsen wind river
source: Instagram

Elizabeth Olsen’s latest film Wind River is taking a strong stance on rape culture and more importantly, on victim blaming.

In the film, Olsen plays an FBI detective who goes out to rural Wyoming to investigate a rape-homicide. Wind River includes the rape scene, which according to Olsen, sends an important message. Olsen told Elle,

“There are all these things that can be drawn from it, whether it’s about women and being equal in a man’s world, or whether it’s about the taboo of rape, of talking about rape and blaming the victim. [Director Taylor Sheridan] shows that you can’t blame the victim. Just because you’re walking around in your underwear [as the victim was] and someone sees you, you’re not asking for anything–that’s not an invitation.”

She also lamented about the lack of justice for rape victims and said,

“Some of the volunteer work I do is with people who have been rape victims, and the amount of cases that they cannot prove, even though it’s an entire organization that has everything at its disposal! If you can’t get someone saying, ‘Yeah, I did this thing,’ or if you can’t literally match up DNA, then nothing happens.”

Elizabeth has become involved in numerous volunteer projects, most notably her work helping to rebuild schools in Nicaragua with the Latitude Project.