Wine Sends Ellen DeGeneres to the Hospital

ellen degeneres hospital
source: Instagram

Last night Ellen DeGeneres posted a cryptic tweet with a picture of a gruesome finger X-ray. How could America’s angel get hurt?

Well today, fans found out just what happened to the funny lady’s phalange. The source of the injury? Wine.

Say it ain’t so!

Turns out, the anecdote is pretty hilarious and relatable. DeGeneres revealed what went down on EllenTube and on her show today.

Ellen said,

“So, you know how in gymnastics when you do a one-handed cartwheel and you have to spread the weight evenly between all your fingers? Well, I had two glasses of wine and fell into a door.”

Wait, it gets better.

Ellen continued,

“My first thought was, no big deal, Obamacare will cover this.”


Ellen then gave a sweet shout out to UCLA where she was treated, and to her nurse Tammy for taking care of her.

We feel like it’s okay to laugh since we know she’s okay. Isn’t that what Ellen would want?

Watch the following clip for the full story re-telling in all of its hilarity.

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Allie Bush
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