Empire star Taraji P. Henson is sick of the stigma surrounding black women’s hair. The actress recently opened up about what it was like to go natural after years of straightening and processing.

Speaking with HuffPost, she said,

“I’ve been natural for years, but I would press and do, I would lean more toward straightening my hair. I just decided to cut it all off and start from scratch and that’s what I did. So now I’m in the phase of letting it grow and I just wanna see.”

Acknowledging her own complicated relationship with her hair, she said she hoped she could help other young black women learn to embrace their natural curls.

“We have shame when it comes to our hair. What we’ve been told, ‘Your hair is nappy.’ It’s not nappy, it’s curly. That’s a curl, that’s a coil. That’s energy leading up. And I was like, we need to convey that message because I see a lot of girls, natural, is it for fashion or do you really understand what that is? It is a crown that God gave you. Our hair defies gravity without any products. Do you know how powerful that is? That’s powerful.”

Henson has long been an advocate for helping strong black women find their voice and even hosted the annual Black Girls Rock! on BET honoring the achievements of black women.

She’s also recently signed on as an ambassador for Special K and has since become very vocal about celebrating body diversity.


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