'Euphoria': Why Fans Are Accusing Barbie Ferreira of Being Racist

barbie ferriera racist allegations
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Ever since actress/model Barbie Ferreira announced her unexpected departure from Euphoria, old allegations of racism have begun to resurface.

According to various social media accounts, Barbie allegedly used the n-word throughout her Tumblr blog boredbarbara (which has since been deactivated and almost entirely scrubbed from the web). When she was called out for it, she supposedly claimed that she was a biracial black woman and therefore was able to say that word. She also allegedly used a slew of African American Vernacular English in her posts, falling back on the claim that she was a biracial black woman, so her using those words wouldn’t be problematic.

However, all of these allegations are being said with no proof. We are being told that Barbie did this, Barbie said that, but it currently just seems to be hearsay. There’s no actual evidence that anything happened other than one screenshot of a reblogged post that may or may not be from Barbie’s blog.

Reblogging on Tumblr is very tricky because you are, in a sense co-signing what the original poster said. But it’s not as if you’re saying the words, just something you agree with or find funny. As a once avid Tumblr user from that era, I can confirm that many people, regardless of race, reblogged posts with n-word. So it wouldn’t be farfetched to assume that Barbie fell into doing that, as the singular screenshot suggests.

The irony, of course, is that Tumblr is where Barbie first gained popularity. It’s also where she received a heads up about an open casting call for American Apparel, which turned into more modeling gigs and eventually her role as Kat Hernandez on Euphoria. Sadly, however, the thing that brought her fame is the very thing that may take it away.

Unfortunately, there’s no shortage of Euphoria cast members currently finding themselves in hot water. It seems like every other week, the cast of Euphoria has done something newsworthy only for it to calm down in a day or two.

And Barbie isn’t the first star facing alleged racism. Her former co-star Sydney Sweeney was just in the news for a series of photos she posted of her mother’s 60th birthday party. In the photos, one of her family members was wearing a Blue Lives Matter shirt. Her brother Trent also posted photos from the party, in which other attendees were wearing red baseball hats that said, “Make Sixty Great Again.” Fans were quick to accuse Sydney and her family of being MAGA Trump supporters.

sydney sweeney maga trump family
credit: @sydney_sweeney/Instagram

Calling someone a racist is a serious matter. So you wouldn’t want to do it baselessly, which is what seems to be happening with Barbie. The rumors have been flying around since about 2016, which is a long time for rumors just to be rumors without any type of substantial proof. And now they are resurfacing with only one screenshot to back it up.

With something as damning as being called a racist, you’d think Barbie would want to clear her name, however, she has remained mum on the topic. This is a one-sided conversation that seems to spark up every now and again, I don’t know if or when we will ever see a true ending to this seemingly baseless rumor.


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