'Euphoria': Barbie Ferreira on Finally Taking Control Over Her Body

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Actress Barbie Ferreira has changed a lot since Euphoria season 1 first dropped in the summer of 2019.

When the unexpected COVID pandemic hit, Barbie was forced to take a break for the first time in years, giving her the chance to revamp her life.

Speaking with Allure magazine, she revealed,

“I feel like I did a lot of work on myself that I would not have done if I wasn’t paused. I just got my shit together.”

One of her biggest moves was to purchase her own home, something she always wanted to do.

“My dream in life was to own a house. I had to learn a lot. I’m 24. I started looking for houses at 23. Before the pandemic, it was very hard to do. But during the pandemic, everyone was fleeing, [so] I managed to get a house with no credit. Not one lick of credit.”

She gleefully added,

“I have good credit now, everyone!”


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But that wasn’t all. Barbie also took the opportunity to finally take control over her body. After years of working in the modeling industry where she wasn’t allowed to even get a haircut without permission, Barbie decided to finally get a tattoo… or two!

She said,

“I really felt like I couldn’t do anything [to my body] for so long. I couldn’t even cut my hair one inch or I’d lose clients when I was a model. So I guess [my tattoo] does represent something — me taking over my own self.”

The tattoo in question is actually one that highlights her boobs. Barbie explained,

“The artist, Pix, does these really cool lines. So I [had her do] something around my boobies. I always do things around my boobies. I think it’s because I grew up not liking my boobs. So now it kind of makes me feel cute.”


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But that wasn’t the only tattoo she got over quarantine — she also got a swirl on her ass! She let her partner Elle Puckett (also known as musician Rosie Ugly) give her the tattoo using the stick and poke technique.

Overall, Barbie seems to be living her best life. When she’s not filming Euphoria season 2, she’s chilling at home with her three cats and her partner Elle in L.A. She also recently appeared in an ad campaign for Coach and nabbed a campaign with Bvlgari this past summer.

Euphoria season 2 premieres on HBO on January 9, 2022. Watch the trailer for Euphoria season 2 here.


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