'Euphoria' Barbie Ferreira: Fat Girl Representation Is Still Far From Where It Needs to Be

Since getting cast on Euphoria as Kat, model-turned-actress Barbie Ferreira is finally getting the attention she deserves.

Barbie has been a mainstream model for a few years, starring in campaigns for American Apparel, Aerie, Adidas, and Outdoor Voices. But she truly always wanted to be an actress, something she saw as unattainable until recently.

Chatting with Glamour, she explained why Euphoria was the perfect role for a big girl like her. She said,

“Of course Kat’s body-shaming has happened and influences her, but it doesn’t take up the entire narrative. Having a character that isn’t perfect and is making mistakes and has her own storyline in a show—we need to have more of that, where people aren’t caricatures of themselves. They are full human beings and their identities aren’t necessarily at the forefront of all their problems.”

euphoria barbie ferreira
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But the actress will be the first to admit that her role on Euphoria is not nearly enough representation. And although more shows are giving fat girls real roles (Shrill, Special), there are still not nearly enough parts for people of color.

Barbie explained,

“There needs to be a reflection in people of color who are bigger and trans women who are bigger. I’m this white girl. My body is proportioned in whatever way society thinks is redeemable. I’m not the end-all of all representation, but hopefully [Euphoria] will start the conversation.”

She added,

“Fat people are everywhere. It’s not just models who have skinny faces and have thick bodies. It’s different body shapes, different body sizes. I hope to see more of that.”

Barbie had always been the first to call out her own white privilege. She’s well-aware that her skin gives her advantages that may not be granted to others. Two years ago she even hosted her own show How to Behave, which she used to showcase people of different identities.

Euphoria has been renewed for a second season so it’s safe to say we’re going to have a lot more Barbie Ferreira in our lives. In the meantime, we look forward to seeing more of her body-positive activism and how she continues to use her platform for good.


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