'Euphoria' Makeup Artist Doniella Davy Breaks Down the Biggest Makeup Trends of 2022

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To say Doniella Davy is a trend-setter is an understatement.

Doniella is the woman responsible for what’s been dubbed the “Euphoria makeup craze” that started back in June 2019 the moment we all laid eyes on Jules Vaughn. Doniella is the woman behind the rhinestones and the glitter and the colorful eyeliner. She’s the reason why runway shows began embracing graphic liner and the reason why crystal eye makeup started trending on Pinterest.

As Euphoria season 2 gets underway, Doniella is spilling the beans on all the new makeup trends she’s leaning into these days.

Below, she reveals which trends are in and which are out for 2022.

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Trend: Fine-Grain Glitter


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The giant rhinestone days of Euphoria season 1 are officially dead and gone. Doniella told Into the Gloss that she was embracing more “minimalist” looks instead. She joked,

“But it’s me, so my version of minimalism is a little… heightened.”

She’s embracing what she dubs “tiny rhinies” instead, as well as fine-grain glitter.

For Lexi’s look at the NYE party in the season 2 premiere (pictured above), Doniella went with a pretty coral eyeshadow.

Trend: Lower Lash Adornments


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Most creative eye looks typically involve big designs on the upper lids, right? Wrong. Doniella is embracing the lower lids instead for a more “unconventional” look. On top of that, she finds that lower lid looks are more inclusive for people of all eye shapes and sizes. She explained,

“What I love about decorating the lower lash line is that you don’t have to worry about your eyelid type not being able to accommodate the look.”

She added,

“For those with hooded eyes, anything that accentuates the lower lash line is super visible.”

For Nate’s fantasy of Cassie (pictured above), Doniella described it on Instagram as “a baby wing that melts into her inner lash line, topped with scattered tiny glitter bits for that cinematic twinkle that we live for.”

On how she achieved the look, she explained,

“We lined Sydney Sweeney’s lower lashes to add dimension and contrast to her eye shape so the audience would be super drawn into her gaze, just like Nate.”

Trend: Thick Graphic Liner


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Doniella says she’s been embracing more graphic looks with eyeliner. But not the typical ones you’re used to seeing with super skinny straight lines. She said,

“Incorporating shapes in unusual places around the eye is a really fun way to play with it. And it doesn’t always have to be about super skinny lines.”

For Jules look at the NYE party (pictured above), Doniella said on Instagram,

“The inner corner placement of a matte black shape against a minimal eyelid backdrop feels less like makeup itself, and more just like a structural SHAPE that draws us into her gaze during the NYE party.”

She added that the look was intended to show just how far Jules has come in personal development, especially after that intense therapy session in the special episode.

These looks are definitely not for beginners. But if you’re looking to try it at home, she advises using Chanel gel pot liner, MAC flat liner brushes, and a bunch of precision tip q-tips.

“I could not do winged liner without them to clean up and perfect my line work.”

To see all of Doniella’s incredible looks, check out her Instagram here.

And make sure you check out all the latest looks on Euphoria season 2 on Sundays on HBO.


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