Zendaya is perhaps one of the most iconic fashionistas of our generation.

The multi-talented actress has become known for her glamour and originality as she constantly takes bold chances on the runway.

But on her days off, Zendaya is more likely to channel her Euphoria character Rue when it comes to her street style. Recently, she’s been rocking sweats, hoodies, and sneakers (and still making it look totally fashionable!).

And although she isn’t typically one for affordable clothing, she has found a few pairs of sneakers that us regular people can *actually* afford!

Below are three pairs of sneakers — all under $100 — that Zendaya is totally in love in. And coincidentally, so are we!

Nike Daybreak

zendaya street style 2020

Zendaya has been spotted so many times wearing these classic Nike sneakers. She loves them so much that she actually owns them in two colors — gold and white! The white pair fits our budget better, not to mention it goes with everything.

Classic Chucks

zendaya fashion style outfit

To say that Zendaya loves Converse Chucks is an understatement. She’s been rocking them for years now and even incorporates them into many of her characters’ wardrobes! If you look closely you can see her wearing them in various scenes in Euphoria, K.C. Undercover, and Spider-man.

If you’re looking to take your Chucks up a notch, we totally recommend the rainbow pride edition (which just so happen to be on sale).

Reebok Club C

zendaya aesthetic style fashion

Everyone needs the *perfect* white sneaker and Zendaya has clearly found them! These classic Reebok sneakers have become her comfy go-to, especially for her many trips to the airport. The kicks come in a variety of colors but we’re going to take a cue from Zendaya and stick with white.


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