3 Affordable Pairs of Sneakers Zendaya is Obsessed With

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Zendaya is perhaps one of the most iconic fashionistas of our generation.

The multi-talented actress has become known for her glamour and originality as she constantly takes bold chances on the runway.

But on her days off, Zendaya loves to channel her Euphoria character Rue when it comes to her street style. Recently, she’s been rocking sweats, hoodies, and sneakers (and still making them look totally fashionable!).

And although she isn’t typically one for affordable clothing, she has found a few pairs of sneakers that us regular people can *actually* afford!

Below are three pairs of sneakers — all under $100 — that Zendaya is totally in love with. And coincidentally, so are we!

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1. Vans Old Skool Checkerboard Sneakers

Zendaya absolutely loves Vans — both their shoes and clothing. Although she’s worn several different styles of sneakers from the brand over the years, one of her favorites seems to be the Vans Checkerboard Old Skool Sneakers.

2. Converse Chuck Taylor All Star High-Top Sneakers

Zendaya is literally obsessed with Converse Classic Chucks! She’s been wearing them for years, and so have her on-screen characters. Not only does Rue Bennett often rock them on Euphoria, but her character Michelle “MJ” Jones in the current Spider-Man franchise also loves wearing them too.

3. Nike Daybreak Sneakers

Zendaya has proven to be a huge fan of Nike sneakers over the years, owning a ton of pairs, including Nike Air Jordans. But it’s the Nike Daybreak Sneaker that seems to be one of her main go-to’s.

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