Not Into Quiet Luxury? Try These 2023 Fall Trends Instead

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While the fashion world continues to be enamored with clean lines, neutrals, and quiet luxury, not everyone is on board.

Because while white, crisp tops may appeal to some, others are unwilling to cool their color palettes.

If you’re looking to make more of a statement this fall, check out some of the bolder 2023 trends that will be filling our closets.

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1. Red

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There’s no doubt that red has been dubbed the color of the season with the bright hue appearing nearly everywhere.

So whether you’re looking to rock red from head to toe a la Selena Gomez, or just hoping to add a pop of color to your outfit, there’s something out there for everyone (even the minimalists!).

2. Metallic Shoes

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Fashion’s love of metallic this summer seems to have seeped into the fall season with silvers, golds, and more filling our shoe racks.

If you’re feeling ambitious, try combining trends. Rock a pair of silver ballet flats for the ultimate cool factor or purple metallic Mary Jane pumps if you really want to impress.

3. Gothic Romantic

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Give your all-black wardrobe a refresh by adding a little romantic goth to your look. Opt for a black lace dress to try out the trend for yourself.

4. Peplum

sydney sweeney red carpet outfits 2023
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Every few years the peplum returns and it seems we’ve stumbled upon the trend once again.

Peplums are a great way to play with shape and silhouette and add a little volume to your outfit.


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