Fans Call Out Sofia Richie Grainge's Solid & Striped Collab For Being 'Overpriced'

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Gen Z style icon Sofia Richie Grainge recently dropped her new collection with Solid & Striped and fans are not thrilled.

Although many were loving the designs of the collection itself, they were *not* impressed with the prices.

Comments on Sofia’s Instagram post about the collab included,

“Congratulation for the style…. But $600 for a dress made in China is too much 😮 it’s a joke?”

“With today’s economy, who can afford this prices? Certainly not the young people that have made Sofia a star on TikTok. Extremely disappointing,”

“I love Sof and her style, but everything looks like an overpriced H&M.”


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Similar sentiments were echoed on another post by the brand, where fans wrote,

“Love this whole collection but it’s so expensive.”

“I thought I was gonna be snagging some pieces but looks like I def won’t!! What’s up with the prices??”

With sweaters priced at almost $600 and dresses costing over $400, the collection isn’t exactly consumer-friendly, especially considering who Sofia’s fanbase is (read: teens who still live with their parents and don’t earn a paycheck).

The collection, which dropped on February 29, features a selection of knits, dresses, swimsuits, and more, with prices ranging from $98-$798.

With the exception of the cashmere sweaters, the pieces are mostly made of viscose and nylon. And the entire collection is made in China, a major point of contention among her fans.

Prior to Sofia’s Solid & Striped collection, the nepo baby released a much more affordable collab with Scandi brand Djerf Avenue, which consisted of cozy pjs and loungewear for under $100.

That said, we probably shouldn’t be surprised that Sofia is gravitating towards more high-end fashion collaborations. Her personal style leans much more heavily towards “aspirational” than “attainable,” with her favorite brands including Chanel, The Row, and Saint Laurent — not exactly brands that most of us normal can afford. She’s also been dubbed a celebrity ambassador for jewelry powerhouse David Yurman, another brand well out of reach for the majority of her followers.

Unlike her Djerf Avenue collab (which pretty much sold out within 24 hours), Sofia’s Solid & Striped collection is still very much available. If you happen to have a cool $400 to drop on a new dress, you can check out the entire collection here.


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